Upcoming workshops

Inversions for Beginners

Coming 2020

Inversions are a very important part of the physical practice. Going upside down strengthens your arms and shoulders and your core muscles. Being upside-down gives your internal organs a big shock. They totally freak out with gravity working against them but when you come right way up again they return to homeostasis and balance. Practising inversions every day will literally reverse the ageing process by not only sending freshly oxygenated blood to the face and brain but by giving you a new perspective and the ability to see things in your life differently.

Take this workshop to safely and confidently learn how to master these poses. We will take our time and go step-by-step to build strength and develop trust in ourselves and our bodies. 

Restorative Yoga for Beginners

Coming 2020

For Restorative yoga, the intention is to relax as far as possible into the postures, using as little physical effort as possible. The mind focuses on the breath in order to cultivate mindfulness and release tension from the body.

Restorative yoga stimulates the parasympathetic nervous system, which slows the heart rate, regulates the blood pressure and relaxes the body. As such, Restorative yoga is considered particularly beneficial for those suffering from anxiety, insomnia or headaches, as well as other stress-related conditions. Restorative yoga is believed to boost the immune system and accelerate the body's natural healing process.

This Restorative Yoga workshop with gently guide you through all the restful poses, fostering relaxation and surrender.

Meditation for Beginners

Coming 2020

Meditation is one of the most important practices of Yoga. One of the reasons we work so hard on the physical practice is so that we train our bodies to be strong and flexible to sit in meditation for long periods. 

Many people think meditation is about stopping your thoughts but we all know that is impossible. Meditation teaches us to let go of outside distractions and focus absolutely on the present moment. 

This workshop will guide you through the process of understanding and implementing meditation in your life.