What are the Different Styles of Yoga?

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There are so many different styles of Yoga. Take this tutorial to learn more about the most common styles of Yoga. When choosing a style of Yoga make sure it suits you completely and finding a teacher you really connect with is key to a good practice. 

Hatha Vinyasa Ashtanga Jivamukti Iyengar

Truth is one, paths are many ~  Gandhiji


There are so many different types of Yoga and it can get overwhelming trying to figure out which style would suit you best.


There are 4 Paths of Yoga, Raja Yoga being the most commonly practised in the West. The Raja path is an active path, which is the science of controlling body and mind. The asanas (body postures) and pranayamas (breathing exercises) from Hatha Yoga are an integral part of this yoga path. On the Raja path, we are actively seeking our own enlightenment through the many different practises of Yoga.

On this Raja path, the are countless styles of Yoga. Have a look at this tutorial for an overview of a few of the most common styles of Yoga.

Because Yoga is so ancient and has been around for such a long time these teachings have been shared and passed down along many different paths. Different traditions and teachers choose to focus on different elements of the practices. This leads to many different types and styles of Yoga. Introducing Yoga to the West has resulted in a vast spread of the knowledge and teachings. The paths are many but the goal is the same. That goal is Union with the Divine, realising that you are divine, that you are the universe, that you are god.

The physical practice of Yoga (Asana) is just one teeny element of what Yoga really is. The West has taken Yoga to mean the physical practice but Yoga in itself is an entire philosophy and way of life. The teachings of Yoga cover all aspects of life, of how to live a conscious and present life through kindness, compassion and understanding. Learning in every moment to know yourself better and humanity itself better. Learning to accept and surrender. The physical practice is a spectacular way to build strength and flexibility and to really get to know your body and yourself.


What are the other 3 Paths of Yoga?

The three other paths of Yoga are: 

Karma Yoga - the yoga of action and selfless service. Doing good deeds without the expectation of credit or reward.

Bhakti Yoga – the yoga of devotion. Devotion through chanting, singing and repetition of mantra.

Jñāna Yoga – the yoga of will and intellect. Studying the ancient teachings of Yoga to be able to look into yourself and really come to understand who you really are.

Why are there so many different types of Yoga?
How many styles of Yoga are there?

There are countless different types and styles of Yoga. Yoga is such an individual practice and because human beings are so vastly different the practices of Yoga have been distilled down into all the different types so that some portion of the practices will be appealing to everyone.

I thought Yoga was just stretching. What is all the other stuff about?