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Launching End of November 2019

Explore the fundamental practices of Yoga with this accessible online resource.
 Everything you need to know to start practising Yoga, wherever you are.

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Launching end of November 2019

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We know that starting Yoga can be scary so we’ve made sure that we cover everything a beginner yogi will need to know, including the most important poses, why we need to breathe, setting a higher intention, what Sanskrit words like “Namaste” mean and why the final relaxation is so necessary. All the learning materials will introduce you to the practices of Yoga as well as help reintroduce you to your own body, mind and yourself.

Whilst we definitely recommend finding a studio you feel comfortable practising at, having a solid supported home practice is essential. Doing these Yoga classes and practices in your home give you the freedom to practise whenever it suits you, at a pace that you are comfortable with. It allows you the advantage and convenience of practising in a safe and comfortable place, without the stresses of having to get to a class at a certain time, or the fear of judgement. You can make mistakes as you go, whilst still having a professional teacher in Dom to guide you and correct you. The membership includes one-to-one, direct access and feedback. We also have made pricing very affordable and convenient on a monthly basis.

The yogaforbeginners.co.za website is a great place to start enjoying some of the free resources, but the membership takes it to a new level. All the content has been carefully put together to allow a beginner to get maximum results whilst building incredible foundations for a life changing Yoga practice. It will equip you perfectly to walk into any studio and confidently take a class without feeling lost or left behind. It will reintroduce you to your body, your breath and your mind. There are already some amazing tools to become more conscious and more connected, with more being added to the membership every month. Take your practice further and be part of the amazing, growing, diverse Yoga For Beginners community!


What is the Beginners membership about?

The content we have created for the membership area encompasses a complete introduction to the many practices of Yoga. It is a step-by-step guide to the basic physical poses as well as teachings on the spiritual side of the practice. This course is perfect for a total beginner, or anyone fairly new to Yoga, to gently and confidently guide them on this life-changing journey.

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