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How to become a Master Manifester.

Updated: May 6, 2020

Patanjali’s Yoga Sutra I.2


Yogaś citta-vṛtti nirodhaḥ

When you stop IDENTIFYING with your thoughts then there is yoga.

Master Patanjali is not saying that we must stop thinking, this is impossible. He is teaching us that we have the ability and the responsibility to choose what thoughts we allow into our minds and into our realities. This sutra is so simple yet so powerful. As simple as it is and as it sounds, it can be very difficult to implement into our lives, but that is why it is called a Yoga “PRACTICE” because we need to practice every day with every thought, every word and every action. But once you get the hang of it, this teaching is absolutely life-changing.

We have the ability to take a step back from our thoughts and observe them. Scientifically, if you can observe something, you cannot possibly BE that thing. Therefore, we are absolutely NOT our thoughts. We are so much more. This practice teaches us how to take a step back and observe our thoughts. Once we learn that we are not our thoughts and we can observe them, the next step is THE CHOICE to allow thoughts into your mind or watch them move away. Not everything we think is the truth, many times our thoughts lie to us and lead us away from the truth. It is our responsibility to really look at our thoughts and only allow the thoughts we want into our minds, to only allow the thoughts that resonate with the life we want into our lives. The more controlled we get with this practice the more power we have to manifest the life we want. When you start to take control of your thoughts, when you start to choose your thoughts, you then start to have control over your words, your actions and your habits. This, in turn, gives you complete control over your life and your reality.

Have you ever experienced the situation where you think about something over and over and over again until that thing happens? Usually, this happens in a “Negative” sense, for example, you wake up in a grumpy mood and tell yourself you’re going to have a shit day. Then, you sip your coffee while it’s too hot and burn your tongue and your toast pops up burnt, you angrily tell yourself that this is typical because you’re having a bad day. Traffic on the way to work is a nightmare, your co-workers are being so irritating and nothing is going your way. You’re getting angrier and more upset and keep re-iterating to yourself what a shit day you’re having. Eventually, you get home from a kak day, collapse, exhausted, into bed and write the day off as a complete failure. That first grumpy thought of the morning set up your entire day to go wrong, like a self-fulfilling prophecy. It’s at THIS very moment that this Patanjali Yoga Sutra can change your life.

Here’s an alternative scenario:

You wake up grumpy. You take a step back from your thoughts, allow yourself to feel grumpy and remind yourself that although you FEEL grumpy you, yourself are not grumpy. You are so much more than one single emotion. You choose to acknowledge the grump and let it go. You choose to shift your thoughts onto something else, for example, how grateful you are to have woken up at all. You burn your tongue on your coffee and your toast pops up burnt. You feel angry for a moment, take a step back from your thoughts, understand that burning your tongue was your own fault and sometimes toast gets burnt. You also remind yourself that although you feel anger, you are not anger itself. You accept that traffic is awful today and choose to put a beautiful song on, an interesting podcast or a meaningful meditation, not allowing the outside situation to affect your inside peace. Your co-workers are annoying but you realise that everyone has their own issues and you can accept them with compassion and understanding. You move through your day calmly and at peace, whenever a thought comes to disturb you, you have the ability to allow it to disturb you or to not allow it to disturb you. Eventually, you arrive home from work, exhausted but accepting of that, you climb into bed and remind yourself of how grateful you are to have the privileged life you have and peacefully go to sleep.

Those two situations are exactly the same, but each scenario is completely different. When you are conscious and present with your thoughts, you have the ability to control them and your thoughts no longer have control over you and your life. The more control you have over your thoughts, the more you bring about the ability in yourself to manifest anything and everything you want in life. It starts simply with a thought.

Like I said this is a practice, an every day, every thought practice, but if you’re dedicated to it, it is absolutely remarkable. I have committed myself to this practice and I now have the ability to manifest what I want in my life. In no egotistical way, I have managed to manifest the perfect life for me. Don’t get me wrong, I started from an incredibly privileged place but I’ve worked my ass off in this life to achieve my dreams. I have married the perfect man for me, who is my best friend, giggle partner and trusted advisor. I have my darling rescue dogs and volunteer for an amazing dog rescue organisation. I live in the most beautiful house with the most magnificent garden which is my sanctuary. I get to cook delicious food every night and experiment with new recipes. I have the most incredibly loving and supportive friends, family, students and teachers. I have set up this fantastic online Yoga school that is giving me the ability to do what I love all day, every day and touch people’s lives in important and profound ways. This, to me, is a perfect life and I have achieved it by choosing it and that started way back when wit the commitment to choosing each and every thought that I would allow into my mind.

I encourage you to try this practice. Take a step back from your monkey-mind, become Sakshi, the silent witness. Allow the thoughts to come and ONLY engage with them if you CHOOSE to. That is how you change your life.

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