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get amazing results with this powerful, holistic Mentorship

Why the



One-on-one support, guidance, weekly video chats and an accountability partner to keep you motivated. 

For Beginner Yogi's, new Yoga teachers and Yoga teachers looking to teach beginners.

We want to work one-on-one with you using Yoga asana, meditation, healing Yoga therapy and potent techniques to transform your life.

You're perfect for this if...

  • You are brand new to Yoga and feel that you need extra support, motivation and guidance whilst you're getting to know the practice. 

  • You feel you would benefit greatly from having an accountability partner, checking in with you and making sure you're getting to your practice.

  • You'd benefit from step-by-step guidance to define goals, achieve objectives, create practices to nurture yourself, expand your knowledge and explore topics that support your growth.

  • You would like someone on your team to discuss problems and issues and find creative solutions.

  • You feel disconnected from your body and yourself.

  • You need a support system to guide you back to your true self.

  • You're ready to take back your power and live the life you choose.

  • You're a new Yoga teacher feeling lost and overwhelmed on how to start teaching an actual class to real-life humans.

  • You're a Yoga teacher interested in teaching beginner Yoga but have no idea what beginners may need.

“A fundamental form of human development where one person invests time, energy, and personal know-how assisting the growth and ability of another person.”

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The Relationship

Mentors provide a safe environment in which mentees can reflect introspectively without being judged. Mentors provide accurate feedback rather than advice. Mentors listen, collaborate, challenge and uncover ways for you to become self-directed. Mentoring is built on a relationship of trust and values.

What is a mentor?

A mentor is “anyone who has a beneficial life-or style-altering effect on another person, generally as a result of personal one-on-one contact.” Or, “one who offers knowledge, insight, perspective, or wisdom that is helpful to another person in a relationship which goes beyond duty or obligation."

What is a Mentee?

A mentee is “anyone who wants to learn from someone who knows and seeks their valuable advice in order to grow professionally and/or personally.” Or, “anyone who has the desire to gain from someone else’s experience through a period of guidance and support.”

How the



For Everyone:

Fully customisable yoga mentorship program

Establishing a solid yoga and meditation practice.

Learn to authentically connect with your true self 

Develop confidence in yourself and your body.

Move through personal blocks with support and Love.

Refine your purpose and place in the world.

Learn self-love and radical self-acceptance

Weekly Yoga for Self-Love classes

For teachers:

Learn amazing tips and tricks to help teach beginners

New sequences and ideas to incorporate into your class. 

Guidance in class planning, sequencing and inviting the spiritual into your classes. 

Weekly classes to practice and find inspiration from.

Learn how to guide students through a hands-on restorative class and Yoga Nidra class.

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what kind of support do i get?

- Direct access to Dom to talk through and ideas, issues or challenges

- Online, WhatsApp and video support

- A full-time accountability partner to push you to achieve your goals

- Learning the tools to empower yourself and take back your power

- Patient and kind guidance without any judgement

- Continuous communication 

- Access to Dom's 15 years of experience in practising and teaching Yoga.


and the costs?


1.  Establish Expectations And Ground Rules

Explaining our roles, asking and answering questions, what is expected of you, your expectations of me. Setting boundaries together. 

2.  Set Goals Mutually

Find out what your current issues and problems are or where you would like to focus your attention. Agree on how much time you’ll devote to the initial issues and how much depth to go into. 

3.  Set A Contact Schedule

Weekly video calls as well as WhatsApp access in office hours (except for emergencies). Time boundaries 

4.  Listen Carefully 

We commit to listening to each other, use our shared knowledge to come up with solutions and ideas. Lots of questions and answers shared. 

5.  Make Your Own Decisions

I am here to give advice and help generate ideas and inspiration but it’s up to you to take responsibility and make your own decisions. 

6.  Be Accountable To Each Other

If we make promises and commitments to each other, we must commit to being accountable for these things. Trust and accountability are key to this relationship.

7.  Check our Biases And Impulses

Let us meet each other as we are without preconceived ideas or perceptions and learn from each other in this very precious type of relationship.

Image by Priscilla Du Preez
Experience expert mentorship for a FRACTION of the cost


What does the mentorship entail?

The mentorship will be different for each person but the consistent theme is change. This programme requires you to take responsibility for yourself and your life and, with the guidance and support of Dom, make the changes you need to make to manifest the life you want. 

What will I need to start the mentorship?

To take on this amazing offering you'll need to be in a place in your life where you are actively and consciously looking for change. You will need to approach this experience with an open mind and an open heart. Be aware that it may be a difficult journey at times but Dom will be with you every step of the way. Mutual trust and respect is key to this very special relationship. 

How long does the mentorship last?

The mentorship programme is 100% individual and unique to each person so it depends on what your goals may be and how much work you put in. The mentorship could last anywhere between 3 months and a year, longer if it's what you feel you need. We will keep the lines of communication open and adjust our expectations accordingly. 

What are the benefits of a Mentorship with Dom?

For the last 15 years, Dom has been on a constant journey to learn Yoga, learn herself and learn to love herself. She has over 1000 hours of Yoga teacher training under her belt, has studied, taught and practised all over the world, including studying a Yoga therapy course in India. This course has equipped Dom with amazing tools to use Yoga in a therapeutic way to help you heal. She has worked one-on-one with many humans using Yoga, Yoga therapy and the tools she’s accumulated in her life to help them heal their bodies, fall in love with themselves, take their power back and change their own lives.

R995 per month

* limited to 10 people *

A one-on-one mentorship such as this can cost well into the thousands of rands, depending on time spent together, resources used, taking into account Dom's experience as a teacher

Your Investment

in yourself

Say Hello to your Online Yoga Advantage...

Perfectly organised lesson plans

A real teacher to help you

Super affordable (compared to private, or even open classes)

personalised plan creation
weekly video calls
accountability partner
weekly new audio classes
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with mentoring


We love our students. More than anything, we want you to enjoy a super-positive experience learning Yoga. And that means we only want you to pay if you actually LOVE your membership experience! So join below to try it out totally risk-free. If it’s not for you, simply cancel your membership within 30 days and contact us for a full refund.

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what are others saying about the membership?

"Over the past few months Dom has mentored me on the unapologetic importance of healthy boundaries. She has patiently, and with the utmost respect, challenged my fearful shell and helped me slowly chip away at it to lead me back to my beautiful soul. She helped me remember the importance of ME above everything else, through meditation, yoga and listening. Thank you Dom!"

- Michelle Gray

Cape Town, South Africa

"Dom has been the most wonderful mentor to me. She has the patience, kindness, knowledge, and caring heart to lead you through all aspects of your yoga practice. She has inspired me in every way & assisted me when I’ve felt that my body is failing me, so that I’ve been able to continue to grow in my practice, even with injuries & what I thought were ‘road-blocks’ along the way! I highly recommend Dom as a teacher, mentor, coach, and supporter!"

- Ilse Lewis

Johannesburg, South Africa