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There are many different reasons to start Yoga depending on where you are in your life and what you are trying to achieve. Whether you're here to learn the physical practice, or you just need a few moments of peace each day, or you're craving change in your've come to the right place. If you're feeling stressed, overwhelmed, unhealthy or disconnected from yourself, these practices will help you become healthier, help you lose weight and connect with your body.

It's easy to forget...

  • We are not taught or given the tools to process and deal with emotions.

  • We are not given the tools to learn and know our bodies deeply.

  • We are not given tools to learn how to fall in love with ourselves.

At best most of us learn "on the job". These Yoga practices provide all this and so much more. Our carefully constructed Yoga for Beginners programme allows you to learn to calm your mind and be brought to the present moment. It helps re-introduce yourself to your body. And finally, fall in love with yourself again. 

# modules, lessons and hours of video

Yoga is a system of practices that supports you as a human being, mentally, emotionally, physically, in everything that you need.

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Self-love is the belief you hold that you are a valuable and worthy person. An example of self-love is when you have a positive view of yourself, are confident in yourself and your place in the world.

The Vula Yoga online Yoga for Beginners 6 Month Course is a step-by-step guide to the basic physical poses as well asteachings on the more spiritual side of the practice. Perfect for total beginners, this membership will gently and confidently guide you on this life-changing journey.

Doing the course-work in the comfort and safety of your home gives you the freedom to practice whenever it suits you, at your own pace, giving you the opportunity to learn from your mistakes as you go. It will equip you to confidently walk into any studio and take a class without feeling lost or left behind. This journey will reintroduce you to your body, your breath and your mind whilst giving you amazing tools to become more conscious and connected. Let's take your practice further, together!

How it works

Optimised platform so you can use any of your devices, any time of the day.
Logical progression through the main course, learning all the fundamentals, including the philosophy of Yoga, breathing, setting intentions, etc.
Grow in confidence on your mat with all the various mat-work modules.

One-on-one lectures with Dom, with detailed demonstrations of each pose
All classes come with a tracking bar to log your progress
Additional tutorials to take you deeper into certain subjects

Safely and confidently learn each pose before trying on your own

"Practice with Me" class in the forest covering each section as we go.

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What kind of support do I get?

- All plans have direct contact via email with Dom for questions and feedback

- All online so you can practice anywhere, any time

- An open and supportive community. We encourage starting your own practice groups!

- Weekly email check-ins and consistent inspiration

- This is all backed up by our no-questions-asked 30-Day 100% Money-Back Guarantee

(includes defining goals, discussing progress and working through blocks)




We are of the belief that the benefit you gain out of doing the work is directly linked to how accountable you hold yourself to your goals. With the MENTORING option, you are supported wholly and completely so your growth in all these practices is guaranteed.

Yoga for beginners

And the costs?

Doing Yoga online in your home gives you the freedom to practice whenever it suits you, at a pace that you are comfortable with. It allows you the advantage of practising in a safe and comfortable place, without the stresses of having to get to a class at a certain time. The membership ensures that you can learn these Yoga practices without judgment from others and gives you the opportunity to make mistakes as you go. 

  • lessens chronic pain, such as lower back pain as well as arthritis pain and headaches.

  • helps to increase flexibility, muscle strength and tone, making sure you correct your posture.

  • protects your spine, boosts immunity and lowers your blood pressure.

  • works on your entire endocrine system including regulation of the adrenals which helps manage stress works on your thyroid gland to stabilise your metabolism, which leads to weight loss.

  • lowers your blood sugar and helps you maintain the nervous system.

  • helps you sleep better and reduces insomnia by relaxing tension from your muscles.

  • actively strengthens your lungs because we are so focused on the breath.

  • It strengthens your heart by increasing your heart rate and blood flow. So by doing these things your body's respiration improves and your life is filled with more energy and increased vitality.

  • supports all other activities in your life. It makes you stronger and more flexible and helps to improve the other activities you participate in your everyday life.

  • effective in developing coping skills and reaching a more positive outlook on life.

  • helps to decrease stress (which is the biggest killer of the 21st century). Stress-related diseases are diseases of our hectic, crazy lifestyles. Yoga helps to counter that stress.

  • helps you release mental and emotional stress and helps to bring calmness and stillness to your life.

  • and SO MUCH MORE!!

Get all these benefits for a FRACTION of the cost!


What does the membership entail?

Our Yoga for Beginners membership platforms offers you all our premium content at an affordable monthly subscription. You will have access to all the content and will be able to work through the course at your own time and pace. You can follow the course step-by-step or pick and choose what you would like to focus on in each session. You will also have access to tutorials, workshops, “Practice-with-me” videos, meditations, Yoga Nidra’s and much more.

How long do I have access?

Because the platform is subscription-based, you will have access to the premium content for as long as you are a member. We will be adding new, interesting and relevant content continuously, making sure there is always something for you to be working on.

What will I need to start the beginners membership?

All you need to take the Yoga for Beginners course on our membership platform is an open mind and a willingness to learn. Sure, having a Yoga mat will be very helpful. These course materials have been specifically designed for YOU, the beginner. We start at the very beginning and work our way through all the most important aspects of the Yoga practice that a beginner needs to know. They contain all the information you need to get started in your own home and give you the confidence to take a class at a Yoga studio when you’re ready.

What are the benefits of learning Yoga online?

Doing online yoga in your home gives you the freedom to practice whenever it suits you, at a pace that you are comfortable with. It allows you the advantage of practising in a safe and comfortable place, without the stresses of having to get to a class at a certain time. This membership (and all the materials included) ensures that you can learn these Yoga practices without judgment from others and gives you the opportunity to make mistakes as you go. All at a fraction of the cost of doing it all at a studio.

Depending on where you decide to go for yoga classes, the costs can build up quickly. Even just factoring in the transport can make it difficult to justify regularly. This slows progress as you can only factor in a certain amount of
classes per month...

Private classes
R1000 a class

One-on-one teacher in your home
R8000 per month (2x per week)

Studio costs
R1200 per month for group classes
(2x per week)


R275 per month - standard membership

R995 per month - with mentoring

Your Investment

in yourself

Say Hello to your Online Yoga Advantage...

Perfectly organised lesson plans

A real teacher to help you

Super affordable (compared to private, or even open classes)

personalised plan creation
weekly video calls
accountability partner
weekly new audio classes
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Vula Yoga-transparent no lettering.png
with mentoring


We love our students. More than anything, we want you to enjoy a super-positive experience learning Yoga. And that means we only want you to pay if you actually LOVE your membership experience! So join below to try it out totally risk-free. If it’s not for you, simply cancel your membership within 30 days and contact us for a full refund.

60-day guarantee
Online Yoga Courses
what are others saying about the membership?

"I have done yoga before, and I
loved it, however I used to tire easily.
After doing the breathing module, I
realized how important it was to the
actual practice, and I've been
focusing on that, and it's really made
a big difference. Learning yoga
online is really great, as I can do it at
my own pace, whatever time suits
me, and I can even go into the
garden and practice there.
Dominique is a unique teacher, and
I've learnt so much from her! I have
had other teachers who have been
good, however Dominique has an
inner beauty that shines through her
teachings, I can't wait for the next
lesson. I would definitely recommend
this course to my family and friends."

"I've practised yoga on and off for
about 10 years and I've only recently
discovered that there is so much
more to yoga than just the physical
practice. I've learned the importance of breathing and that vulnerability is
beautiful. I'm absolutely loving this yoga course as Dom includes all these other beautiful aspects of yoga that I wouldn't have expected from an
online course.
Dom is a phenomenal teacher. I
especially love the fact that an email
is sent to check in with the students.
I have already started recommending this course to the people close to me!"

- Farzanah Khan
Cape Town, South Africa

"Yoga for beginners taught me that
yoga is a way of life and that you
don't need to flexible to start. Just be
honest with yourself and practise it
with integrity. Incredibly convenient
and affordable. I have the ability to
go back and re-watch or relearn
something that I didn't understand
the first time. The most enjoyable
part is getting to know and
understand my body, learning how to
listen to my body and connect my
body to my mind and soul. I freaking
adore my teacher!!! Even with an
online course, you feel her passion
for teaching yoga. I definitely
recommend this course to any and
everyone! Yoga to each person is
different and that is what makes it so

- Jo-Ann Fish
Johannesburg, South Africa
- Zulfah Mullins
Cape Town, South Africa