50 Questions about Yoga Answered

We've taken the time to answer in detail 50 of the most commonly asked questions about Yoga!


Things like:

- Do I have to be flexible to practice yoga?

- Does Yoga help with weight loss?

- What Is Yoga?

- Why should I start practicing yoga?

Yoga for beginners

5 Most Important Yoga Poses Explained

Learning these 5 key beginners poses safely and correctly will give you a good, solid foundation of knowledge for your physical practice.

These 5 poses are a good mixture of some of the most common poses that you should know well. We often come back to these poses in our classes.

To know these 5 poses intricately will ensure you are practising safely and respecting your body as much as possible.

Yoga for beginners

Yoga Nidra for Stress Audio Class

Yoga Nidra is known as Yoga Sleep. It is that state between being asleep and wakefulness. When you are in this state you are very susceptible to positive affirmations, to relaxation and to harmony. The process of Yoga Nidra is for the person to lie down comfortably and purely listen to the teacher, making sure they do not fall asleep completely or wander off and think of something else. The student follows the teacher's voice into a deep state of rest and relaxation. Into a state of just being.  

This Yoga Nidra Audio Class has been put together especially for you to help ease and let go of stress.

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Yoga for beginners