Take the Basic Yoga Poses

5-Day Challenge

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The Poses in the Challenge

Basic Poses challenge.png

Upcoming Challenges

Chaturanga Challenge

Coming 2020

Chaturanga and the poses surrounding it in sequence are very important in most Yoga classes. Getting the basics right is essential to building strength and avoiding injury. 

Take this 5-day Chaturanga Challenge to really get to know this pose and build the strength to get it right every time!

Shoulder Strength Challenge

Coming 2020

A lot of us don't actually use our shoulders. We sit at desks, in front of computers and your fingers get a lot of airtime but our shoulders? Not so much! 

Take this 5-day challenge to get some amazing tips and tricks to really build your shoulder strength.

Your homework is to watch TV every day in Dolphin Pose! 

Spiderman Challenge

Coming 2020

Do you want to be Spiderman??

Take this 5-day challenge to learn all the skills you need to confidently hold handstand up the wall or Spiderman to the Super Hero fans amongst us. 

Build your shoulder strength and learn to trust yourself whilst upside down.